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If you are ready to create meaningful change, to break free from negative patterns and to learn strategies to turn any challenge into opportunity then you are in the right place.


  • Do you feel like you aren’t living to your full potential? 
  • Are there habits and behaviours that are keeping you stuck repeating old patterns that you want to be free of?
  • Are you ready to take back control of your life – whether that’s your health, your career, your relationships – in a way that is empowering, dynamic and entirely natural?


If this is resonating with you then welcome to the world of hypnosis,

a world where you can make personal, transformational change!

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I’m Kathryn Toohey and I’m a certified professional hypnotherapist.  


I transformed my life through hypnotherapy and was so blown away by it that I made it my life’s passion and have created a fulltime career helping other people to do the same!

How Hypnosis Can Help You


With hypnosis you can unlock the wealth of resources you already have – whether that’s confidence, the ability to step into the best version of yourself, or to leave behind those habits and behaviours that are getting in your way.


No matter how long you’ve had this problem or habit… how big or deeply rooted it may seem… with hypnosis you can create rapid change without the need to talk about or analyse the problem itself - which is where it is different to talking therapies.


With hypnosis it is possible to work entirely content free should you wish, which means that you do not need to tell me any specific details at all about the issue you want to work on.


This is a process that starts with YOU As your hypnotherapist I will help you to create your own change by showing you how to use your powerful unconscious and the wealth of resources it contains – to get you the successful outcome you are looking for. 


You create change yourself which means that you get to take full credit for it!

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Weight Loss


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Break Bad Habits

Improve Your Sleep

Peak Performance

Personal Development

Move on from Trauma, Grief and Loss

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