Hi!  I’m Kathryn Toohey


I transformed my health - and my entire life - through hypnotherapy, and you can too!


You can read about my story below and how I came to launch Kathryn Toohey Hypnotherapy & Performance Coaching to help people just like you to make positive, transformational change.

My Story


Back in my mid-twenties I was suffering terribly with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  I was bloated and uncomfortable, despite having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise.  

To add to my embarrassment I was newly married and kept being asked if I was pregnant.   

More than that - I was miserable. 


The way my stomach felt and looked was dominating my every thought and dictating my life – where I could go, (would there be a bathroom?), what I could wear, what I could eat… 


I had tried everything - dietary changes, supplements, hydrotherapy, etc. – but nothing worked long-term. 


And then I discovered an advertisement in my local Yellow Pages for hypnotherapy, and IBS was listed as one of the issues they could help with. 


I hadn’t even considered that my negative thinking and my stressed-out emotional state were having a direct impact on my physical body and my digestive system. 


The short version of this story is that I transformed my health – and my entire life - through hypnotherapy.  The IBS went away and I became physically and emotionally stronger.  

I turned to hypnotherapy time and time again when I needed to find inner strength – it helped me get through divorce, a huge family bereavement, miscarriages, changes in career, a prolonged concussion from a head injury and a distressing immune system issue I suffered with for years that affected the skin on my face.


In 2015 I married my best friend Alex – pictured here with me because he is a big part of this story.  Before we were married he saw me at my lowest ebb, my weakest state physically and emotionally.  He witnessed first-hand the transformations I made in my life through hypnotherapy and became my biggest supporter.


I was so blown away by the positive impact hypnotherapy had had on my life that I wanted to help others to do the same - so I decided to train as a professional hypnotherapist.

In 2019 I launched Kathryn Toohey Hypnotherapy & Performance Coaching, working with clients in person on the Isle of Man and internationally online. 


During the global pandemic in 2020 when I transferred all my clients online, something interesting happened – clients were getting positive results even faster. 


The majority of my business is now run online, allowing me to help more people, more quickly. 

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