Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is an essential part of our existence.


That fight, flight or freeze response has allowed us to evolve and survive as a species.


The trouble is, it can sometimes feel like it’s out of control…


When you work with me you will understand how to instantly recognise when anxiety is inappropriate or disproportionate to the situation, and to use one of the many anti-anxiety techniques I will teach you – which will be yours to keep forever in video format.

These techniques alter the way your brain is functioning at a neurological level and can be used instantly - any time, any place.


In addition to this the hypnosis work we do therapeutically will allow you to naturally respond differently to your environment so that you will find less need to use the anti-anxiety techniques.


I have helped many clients to overcome inappropriate, or disproportionate anxiety that was overwhelming them and having a negative impact on their families, careers and social lives.


Examples of these include: 

  • Social anxiety
  • Habitual negative thinking
  • Overthinking and rumination
  • Health anxiety
  • Relationship anxiety
  • Flying anxiety


Irrational fears and phobias are different from anxiety and as such my approach to helping you to eliminate them is  different. 


When you work with me to eliminate an irrational fear or phobia will feel empowered as you take back control of your life and that thing – whatever it was – is no longer an issue for you.


Although people often talk about a fear of flying, it is usually an anxiety rather than a phobia.


Examples of phobias I have worked with include:

  • Needles
  • Dogs
  • Spiders
  • Heights
  • Food groups
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