IBS Relief

If you’ve read my story or watched my videos you’ll know that I first came to the world of hypnosis when I had hypnotherapy for my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).


The IBS was having a negative impact on my entire life – interrupting my career as a High School Teacher (I couldn’t leave my classes to get to a bathroom when I needed to) and knocking my confidence in every area.  Added to which I began to lose more and more weight as my diet became more and more restricted, and I was tired and miserable.


Having tried everything else – modifications to my diet and exercise regimes, various types of therapies and supplements - it wasn’t until I discovered hypnosis that I started my recovery.


I had never even considered – let alone understood – that my negative thoughts and feelings were having a direct and negative impact on my internal environment - notably my digestive system which had pretty much shut down.


I have helped many clients get fast relief from IBS with hypnotherapy.           


When you work with me you will quickly discover how your thoughts and emotional responses have a direct impact on your digestive system, and I will show you how to change this.


The digestive system is a natural program that we run below the level of consciousness.  Hypnosis will allow you to access that automatic, unconscious programming to make positive changes.


Imagine living your life where you no longer even think about your digestion and your bathroom habits… a life where you can just get on with living healthily and happily.


This is now my reality and I would love for you to experience the same!

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