Move On from Trauma, Grief and Loss

It is a sad fact that I have worked with people who have experienced real personal trauma more times than I ever would have imagined when I trained as a hypnotherapist.


The positive side is that through hypnotherapy and some related emotional freedom techniques you can experience inner relief and move on from trauma, grief and loss.


None of us are immune to experiencing challenges to cope with.  It isn’t what happens to us that is the issue, but our emotional response to what has happened. 

With trauma it is commonplace for two people to be involved in the same experience, but for only one of them to suffer with the effects of post-traumatic stress.  Neither response is any more or less valid – it is to do with how the individual processes the event emotionally, based upon their own interpretation of the event and their unique set of circumstances and experiences of life up to that point.


With hypnotherapy you can rapidly change your emotional responses to traumatic experiences – no matter how far back they go.  I have worked with ex-police officers and fire officers where traumatic events they have witnessed have gone unresolved and started to have a negative impact on their lives, often many years later.


The same is true for grief – which sometimes feels unresolved and can have a negative impact on daily life, relationships and careers.


Grief takes on many forms.  I have worked with people who have struggled with feelings of unresolved grief and loss after the breakdown of a personal relationship, and others after an injury leaving them grief-stricken for the life they once had.


I am proud to be part of an organisation called Survive and Thrive and work as one of their approved therapists.  Survive and Thrive is an organisation set up to offer therapy and support to anyone who has been affected or impacted by having had some form of connection or relationship to a child sex offender.


With hypnosis there is the ability to work entirely content free if you wish.  There is no need for you to describe, or even discuss a traumatic experience with me at all.  It is also possible to work below the level of your conscious awareness so that you can release negative emotion from an event in your past without you consciously knowing what it is.


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