Personal Development

Are you looking to become a better version of yourself?


Ready to raise your standards?


There isn’t necessarily a specific issue or “problem” to work on – you just want to live in a way that is more satisfying?


I work with clients on a one to one basis who are looking to do just that – and everybody’s version of what is satisfying or successful is unique.


It may be that you’ve been feeling stuck or like you’re just spinning the wheels… and you’re now ready to move forwards.


Perhaps you want to be a better partner or a better parent, to become a positive source of influence on your friends, family and colleagues.


I’ve worked with people looking to transition into a new relationship or a new career and helped them to remove any emotional barriers and beliefs that were keeping them stuck.


Through a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you will enhance those natural abilities you already have to become a better version of yourself, and leave behind those behaviours and patterns that no longer suit you.


When you work with me one to one your bespoke Personal Development Program will be tailored towards your unique set of goals.


With my background in teaching and education I am able to ensure that all the work we do is tailored to your style of learning and development.


At the time of writing (December 2021) I am currently developing an online Group Personal Development Program.  We can discuss all of the options available to you during your FREE 15-minute Zoom consultation call.

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