Are you constantly trying to lose weight? 

  • Tried every diet out there?
  • Start off great when you're motivated - then you self-sabotage? 
  • feel guilty, fed up and hopeless?


What if you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing this entire time?

If you’re ready to discover the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle you’re in the right place!




Weight Loss Refocused


A breakthrough system to approach long-term, sustainable weight loss

from a brand-new perspective.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Dr Wayne Dyer


  • Refocus your mind to approaching your weight loss from a brand-new perspective
  • Reconnect with your long-term weight loss goals and with your unique mind and body - so that they are working together in synergy towards your ultimate success
  • Reprogram your own mind - so that everything you used to find challenging now becomes every reason that you will succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off for good 



This is NOT a quick fix

This is NOT a diet

This is NOT an exercise regime

There are no rules or food exclusions

There are no products to purchase


I have to let you know in advance - I don’t have a magic wand!  Despite what some people may think about hypnosis - I can’t wave a magic wand and do this for you!

If you are willing and ready:

  • to hold yourself accountable,
  • to take responsibility for your own weight loss journey,
  • to accept that there are no quick-fix short cuts (else we’d all be doing it!!),
  • to create a positive and respectful relationship with food and with your bodyand
  • are looking for a way to make long-term weight loss with sustainable results a whole lot easier…

…please watch this 3 min 45 sec video because I have something very special to share with you.


Weight Loss Refocused is a 12-week online weight loss mindset program, with 6 90-minute live group sessions happening every other Thursday at 6 pm (UK time) over Zoom, commencing Thursday 20th January 2022.

  • Replays are available for your flexibility and convenience so you can start the program whenever you are ready and make it fit into your schedule.
  • The live group sessions will include coaching, group hypnosis and guided meditation experiences so it is important that you give them your full attention and are sitting comfortably where you can be undisturbed for the 90 minutes. 
  • In addition to the live group sessions you get an All Access Pass to my private weight loss Facebook community where I, and other members of the community will support you.  

Weight Loss Refocused is crammed with strategies to combat emotional eating and recognise your triggers, so that you can break the cycle of emotional eating and self-sabotage.

Inside of Weight Loss Refocused you will:

  • Learn a better way to approach your weight loss with a complete system to resolve and repair your relationship with food and your body
  • Learn practical strategies to eliminate emotional eating based upon neuroscience
  • Reconnect your mind and body to work together so that your metabolism, behaviours, inclinations and new habits all line up with your long-term weight loss goals
  • Learn tested systems for change from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) so that you are fully-equipped to reach your long-term goals and sustain your success on your own
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Discover the secret to reverse engineer the way your brain is naturally geared towards negativity and fearing change – so that you can outsmart your own brain and refocus your attention to what actually works!


  • As soon as you register you will receive a downloadable hypnosis audio to heal your metabolism and your relationship with your body as you sleep so that you can get started as soon as today
  • The private Facebook group will remain active beyond the 12 weeks so that you can replay the sessions, support your community and re-visit the information whenever you wish
  • In addition to this your All Access Pass allows you to access all of the content (including the live group session replays) from my previous weight loss program and all future programs at no extra cost so that you are automatically a lifetime member of my private Facebook weight loss community - you can request access to the Facebook group as soon as you register and start accessing great content today!
  • Option to bolt on an additional one-to-one hypnotherapy session with me at a special offer rate to personalise your experience - please email me at [email protected] to take advantage of this offer
  • The first 10 people to register will get a £100 discount!
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Testimonial messages from my previous

Weight Loss clients


Take a look!

(names have been changed for client confidentiality purposes)

Rayna, Isle of Man

Hi Kathryn, I've just weighed myself and I've lost 10lbs since starting your programme!


I don't feel like I'm depriving myself at all.  I've started having lunch every day and I just don't really want fizzy drinks, coffee or sugary snacks anymore.  There's a cinnamon swirl and big bar of chocolate currently sitting in my kitchen that I would usually have mindlessly binge eaten last night after work, but I just don't want them...


I also don't think I've ever felt this calm and positive at the start of a new school year.


Thank you so much and I'm so excited for the rest of this journey!


Ella, Isle of Man

Just took (my son) to McDonalds drive thru ... I a) didn’t want any of it b) didn’t buy anything for me except a coffee and c) after eating my poached eggs on toast for lunch I am positively overjoyed at the McDonald’s swerve! It would have usually caused me massive inner turmoil and guilt, I’d have eaten it or bought myself something else as compensation then would have felt awful... I am still enjoying an ever flattening tummy and BEING FREE! 

Kaley, Isle of Man

The difference in how I feel about food, how often I think about food is just night and day from a few weeks ago. I feel I have so much room in my mind to tackle other things now as I’m no longer constantly thinking about food.

I’m amazed at how many times I have gotten bored with my meal and felt full and left food. I’m also craving veggies!!! Amazing!

The energy I have to now do more physical activities and I am trying new things I’ve never felt confident enough to do before. I can’t thank you enough for the help and guidance you have provided for me. I feel like I have made a real investment in myself. I honestly can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. The power of the unconscious mind is incredible!!! Xxxx

Ellie, Isle of Man

I’m just at cycle 360. I had the veggie breakfast and ate until I was full. The kids didn’t finish theirs. Normally I’d hate that and start eating what they’d left to avoid waste. I didn’t touch it today 😁

My focus has shifted away from food a bit, but I’m making small wins. Last night we had the one bottle of wine and (my husband) had a glass more than me, which I was fine with. We’d had a chippy tea and I stopped when full and happily threw the rest away. Little things but hopefully over time they’ll add up!


Ali, London

I’ve felt focused on what I eat without being ‘diet obsessed’ the last week. I feel that my appetite is reduced, I haven’t been wanting or looking for snacks between meals. I’m sitting down for breakfast everyday regardless of whether (my son) is eating or finished and taking my time, similar at lunch. Our dinners have been a bit erratic with bedtime tantrums and I’ve missed one simply because of not feeling hungry. But I’ve eaten mindfully, even pizza, late and in bed one evening with (my son) still wide awake beside me.

Feeling good!

I am losing weight in a good slow way which I know is best. I don’t have a target other than maintaining focus on how, when I eat and lastly what. Whereas before it was focus on what with little regard for when and how!

Eva, Isle of Man

The story of my belt. Today I got (comfortably) on the 6th hole. Didn’t even notice at first! xx

...Also with the chocolate oats I had strawberries instead of chocolate chips/shavings because I didn’t fancy the added chocolate - like, WHAT??!!xx

A couple of updates if you don’t mind me sharing! Back fat definitely decreasing 🥳 And body confidence so high I made a bold waxing choice at the salon this morning 😮🙈 sorry if that is TMI! 

Weight Loss Refocused

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