What You Can Expect From Working With Me

  • A personalised hypnosis experience where I will guide you to access those unconscious, automatic parts of you that are running below the surface of your conscious awareness
  • Clarity on the changes you are looking to create and your specific goals
  • A clear roadmap towards your successful outcome
  • Coaching on how to use your own language, thoughts, habits and behaviours to drive you towards your ultimate success
  • Increased self-confidence as you realise that you are truly capable of creating these changes yourself using hypnosis
  • The ability to immediately tap into that feeling of confidence
  • Increased feelings of empowerment and autonomy as you take back control over the direction of your life
  • Improvement in your sense of overall wellbeing – e.g. many clients report better quality sleep as a bonus to the work we do together, and a more positive state of mind
  • A set of practical tools and techniques to help you to let go of negative emotions, switch off negative, critical thinking, and to offload stress and anxiety (you will receive these in video format so they are yours to keep forever to refer back to and use any time, any place)
  • An understanding of how to use self-hypnosis so that you can create further positive changes in your life on your own (with a complete video guide of how to do this)
  • You may also receive bespoke hypnosis audios from me depending on what you are looking to achieve

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